The Learning Experience in AIM

Finally, I am here in Asian Institute of Management (AIM) chasing the dreams of gaining global learning experience. I started my Master in Development Management (MDM) journey last January 2019, and it was my first experience away from my home country, India. The experience in AIM is valuable in many levels. First and foremost, it is one of Asia’s most premier management institutions. I got the chance to learn from fantastic professors. The teaching methodology is way beyond my expectations and provides me mind-blowing experience. Here in AIM, the case study method and class discussion take us beyond our thinking and push us to actively listen. I realized the importance of critical thinking, especially in development sector.  The professors are daring because they give us the freedom to express our ideas and views which is rare in some teaching system. I am sure that this kind of teaching is hard to manage, but they are experts in the field, so they can build and refine our ideas further. They provide us a safe environment to process the learnings and express our thoughts. But more than delivering our ideas, we strive to connect with others too. This is important so that by understanding the sources of these differences, we can bridge diversity. In AIM, you get the opportunity to learn and experience something like this.

Speaking of diversity, the other valuable experience I got is interacting with a rich and multi-cultural community. The different yet inclusive environment where various cultures, ethnicities, religions, and professional backgrounds thrive helps me learn a lot of things. My perspective and understanding have changed because of my in-depth discussion with my fellow students, and this experience helps me develop an understanding of global citizenship.

The MDM course is a human lab. We learn the most crucial skills of leadership and management. But most interestingly, we not only learn but also apply what we learn as we go deep into the program. Surely, everybody will agree with me that AIM learning is rigorous and challenging. But for me and for many of my friends, this learning is precious. I find myself more responsive, receptive, punctual, and proactive. My journey in AIM is life-changing not only because of all the learning but also because of the friends that I have made here who are teaching me lessons beyond books.


Written by Dr. Rinku Verma who came from Jaipur, India. He is currently studying Master in Development Management in Asian Institute of Management.  He also serves as the Vice President for Student Association in AIM.

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