When the Mountain Calls

I grew up in the province where I can see mountains everywhere. While growing up, hiking became one of my hobbies. Today, I am going to share my #SoloTravel2019 experience in Mt. Maculot which is the third mountain I hiked this year.

Since we had a summer break in our MBA program, I decided to hike again and chose Mt. Maculot. Mt. Maculot is 4/9 in terms of difficulty and located in Cuenca, Batangas – a two-hour travel from Manila. Going to Mt. Maculot is very easy and accessible both via public and private transportation. From Buendia in Pasay City, one can ride a Jam Liner bus going to Lemery, Batangas. It will pass by the drop-off point in Cuenca where once can hail a tricycle ride going to the start of the trek. From the registration area, the trekking time would be one and half hours before reaching the “Rockies of Mt. Maculot”. This place is a famous and well-known destination in Cuenca, Batangas where most of the hikers go to.

The Rockies is a platform where one can see the wonderful and pleasing view of Taal Lake and the rest of Batangas province. It’s also a place where one can have daring pictures assisted by friendly tour guides who take really good photos. I could guarantee that this view will instantly change your mood (from worn-out mood to break-free mood). There is no doubt why Rockies became the most visited part of Mt. Maculot. It has a very relaxing view. Once, you reach the Rockies, all you can say is “It’s all worth it”. Just a note that the Rockies is not the summit yet. During that time, the weather did not permit us to go any further.

I once asked myself why I love to hike, then I realized that hiking is like what life is all about. In life, we need to work so hard to get what we really want. We need to invest more effort, money, and time to achieve our goals. And most of the time, even though we feel so tired in our journey, we must keep going. It’s the same thing in hiking. We have to keep going, and once we reach the top, we will find that it’s all worth it – more than the view but the feeling of accomplishment.

In my 10-month MBA journey so far, I have dealt with many challenges, hardships, and even tears. But all those things were never a reason for me to stop and give up. Rather, they encouraged me to finish the program strong.


About the writer – Roxsanee Tutor is a student of Master in Business Administration at Asian Institute of Management located in Manila, Philippines. She is a Filipino.

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