Empowering the Youth to Lead in SDG

With the objective to introduce the Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) to the youth and to equip them with strategies they may use in their communities, the ASEAN MY WORLD 2030 advocates, in partnership with the AIM Student Association, AIM PACTS Club and AIM Green Club, held workshop dubbed as Young Leaders for SDG Advocacy last 22 September 2018 at the Asian Institute of Management. The event was attended by leaders from different youth organizations, advocacy groups and AIM Students.

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The AIM did not just host the participants but also offered them a glimpse of the expertise and leadership of the Institute through lectures from the AIM champions of sustainability. Washington SyCip Graduate School of Business Head, Dr. Felipe Calderon, talked about sustainability in the context of business, including sustainable production and consumption. He emphasized the importance of the Triple Bottomline, which is at the heart of AIM’s management principle, in the sustainability of businesses, and presented business cases of organizations that are successful in implementing responsible operations. Also, Stephen Zuellig School of Development Management Head, Dr. Kenneth Hartigan-Go, presented strategic frameworks that are useful in the attainment of the SDGs. He provided different perspectives and frameworks, most are developed in AIM, to draw the canvass against the pressing issues in environmental degradation.

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Advocacy groups led workshops followed which focused on the importance of the use of water and sanitation as a pathway to a sustainable future, and the rights and reality for women as equal members of society as men. The workshops elicited the problems and norms in the society that are probable deterrents to the SDGs. The participants were then tasked to provide and present solutions and recommendations to these problems.


The workshop is a part of series of events that are done by the ASEAN MY WORLD 2030 to empower the youth to take on leadership roles for both the ASEAN Community Vision 2025 and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The ASEAN MY WORLD 2030 is part of the programme led by the United Nations SDG Action Campaign.#



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