Inside MBA: a taste of #LifeAtAIM

On 23rd June, the Washington SyCip Graduate School of Business (GSB) organized the Inside MBA event for aspiring students to have an immersive experience of what it feels to be a student at AIM. The event gave a glimpse into the dynamics in an MBA class and the current students and professors shared the value of an MBA in their professional lives. Largely informal, the session also allowed the candidates to interact with some MBA students and Tani Basman, an MBA alumnus, over coffee, learning more about individual experiences, and clarify their concerns regarding applications and professional experiences.

The day kickstarted with Professor Felipe Calderon, Head of W. Sycip Graduate School of Business, as he addressed the candidates. He spoke at length about his professional experience in banking and his advocacy on sustainable finance. He also shared how he managed to further his education from college to PhD, and gave his insights on education, specifically MBA and how it can equip managers to work efficiently and make a difference in the world of ever-evolving technology and uncertainty.

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Following Professor Calderon’s talk, Ma-an Tan from the Marketing and Recruitment Team gave an overview of the MBA program, and opened the stage for the candidates to interact with the MBA students. As the coffee break ended, the candidates and MBA students geared up for a MasterClass by a marketing extraordinaire professor and the Head of the School of Executive Education, Richard Cruz. His session exactly replicated a case room discussion at AIM as he spoke about the importance of developing a marketing mindset and how marketing efforts today need to embrace the digital transformation. The discussion helped in creating a dialogue between Professor Cruz and the aspiring students as he provided his insights on the marketing challenges the candidates currently have in their jobs.

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The event concluded with our MBA student ambassadors, Ben Ibarra Fernandez and Aaron Angelo Frio, giving the candidates a tour around the campus and the dormitory area. Ben and Aaron were candid in telling the candidates about what significance the pigeon holes, dorm lobby and vending machine hold in the lives of MBA students.

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A similar event, Inside AIM, is set to be held on 14 July 2018 to showcase all the programs the School offers. There will be masterclasses for each of the programs and there will be a #LifeAtAIM Session at the Fuller Hall where the different offices and the Student Association will be having booths to answer queries from the attendees. AIMAT, the School’s admission test, will also be conducted on the same day for those who will opt to take it on the day. Registration for the event is free.

For confirmation to or inquiries about the event you may contact Edythe Bautista at +623-8940043 or email


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