Yale Experience

It’s almost every student’s dream to study abroad, especially in the United States. But Yale? An Ivy League school? Now that’s a whole different ballgame.

AIM offers their students a chance to participate in the Global Network Week (GNW) during March, wherein they go on an exchange to different business schools all over the world for a week. Luckily, this program is only offered exclusively to schools that are part of the Global Network of Advanced Management (GNAM), which AIM is a part of. One reason why AIM is truly one of the best business schools in Asia.

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Me and my two other classmates (Marielle and Rhey) were given the opportunity to go on an exchange to Yale. After we received our invitation letters, we didn’t think twice about booking our flights and accommodation.

After a grueling 19-hour plane ride, we finally arrived in JFK Int’l Airport. On a side note, we got a chance to explore an overnight in New York City before heading to New Haven the next day! (Good thing about the U.S. being behind on the time zone). As any other tourist in the Big Apple, it was a blast seeing Rockefeller center, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Central Park, Times Square, Madison Square Garden, the Empire State Building and the Flatiron Building just to name a “few”.

After the 2-hour Metro North train ride from Grand Central Terminal, we finally arrived in a friendly, peaceful neighborhood called New Haven, Connecticut. The weather was similar to NYC, just include some heavy snow storms every now and then. (Yikes!)

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Then came the first day of classes! Just seeing Yale’s School of Management (SOM) building, I knew this whole trip was going to be worth it. SOM has got to be one of the best buildings in campus, with its all glass façade, spacious corridors, high class facilities, high tech case rooms, oh and don’t forget about their courtyard in the middle. After having breakfast with some of my classmates from other business schools, we’re off to our orientation and lectures the whole week.

As per the campus, it feels like I’m in a Harry Potter Movie. Walking around is never dull if you’re studying in such a beautiful campus, mostly surrounded by tall buildings with gothic architecture. Luckily, we were able to see what it’s like with snow and on a sunny day.

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The Yale student experience? World Class. Attending the Global Network Week in Yale totally gave me a whole new perspective. Overall, it was an amazing journey having experienced what it’s like sitting down in SOM’s case room, listening to different brilliant Marketing Professors talking about different aspects of consumer behavior, analyzing cases, as well as hearing out from my classmates’ questions and opinions on different lectures.  It made me realize what I can give and do as a business leader by looking at a different cultural, educational, and global standpoint. A truly a global and humbling experience.

Words and Photography by Gil Domingo of Master of Business Administration 2018

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