Quarter of a year at IIM Bangalore!

Country visited: India

College name: Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore

Exchange IIMB

Expenses: One time deposit of INR 45,000 against campus hostel accommodation, food-mess, with provision of refund in case not consumed through campus provided debit-card-cum-ID card. Cash-less arrangements inside the campus and all outside expenses on food and local travel are per standard for a metro city.

Visa: Not applicable for Indian candidate

Airfare: Variable. Ranges from INR 30,000 Р50,000 for a round trip fare.

Lodging: IIMB hostel / dorm accommodation

Food: In-campus student mess for 4-meals a day, veg and non-veg food meals

Subjects I liked:

Capstone course on Finance theory, policy and strategy by Anand Venkateswaran- (must have course); Business Analytics & Intelligence by U Dinesh Kumar; Financial Markets by Venkatesh Panchpagesan

Class pic ELE

Overall experience:

IIM Bangalore is one of the most reputable MBA schools in India. I was well aware of the IIMB brand and the reputation the school holds. Hence, when I got the opportunity to spend my last term there, I grabbed it with both hands.

My class had 56 ISEP students with me as the only Indian. The class was extremely diverse and has good representation of different nationalities- mainly French, Germans & Belgians.

The atmosphere and culture was very friendly and relatable and I got easily adjusted. I had an highly enriching and fulfilling experience – a capstone term for my finance-oriented interests. Given my job location preferences, I found the best ISEP option in form of IIMB.

My rich experience there allows me to highly recommend IIM Bangalore to not only Indian students but also students from other nationalities who are interested in Finance and Analytics. Indian students, aspiring to start career in India post MBA will find it much easier to settle down and start sooner on bigger priorities, including job opportunities and additional credentials and specialization.

Class pic Capstone

Written by Manish Gupta from Master in Business Administration 2017. He is currently working in Risk Pricing & Insure-Tech field and is based out of Gurugram, India.

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