Finale days of MBA at USD!

Country visited: United States of America

College name: University of San Diego

Sourced from official website of University of San Diego


Visa: $400 (Sevis- $220, Appointment – $180).

Documents required:
I20, Sevis – these are sent to student by University of San Diego
Bank Statement – at least 6 months transaction sheet, Affidavit
English Proficiency – AIM Provides this letter.
Exchange sponsorship Letter – AIM Provides this letter.
SEVIS Fee Receipt and Appointment fee receipt.
The process is tedious. Hence please start the visa application process as soon as possible. You can also visit a blog written by my fellow classmate.Rachel Arandilla on this matter.

College Student Service Fee: $150

Airfare: approximately $800 (One way)

Lodging: $650 – $700 per month. The college shares a list of accommodation options. You can connect with the contacts.

Food: Avg. $400 – 500 / month. I am a vegetarian, hence cooked my food. However, you can easily find all kinds of restaurant including Vegan restaurants in every street of downtown but it is expensive – average $ 10 – 15 / meal.

Transport: There are 2 options: car on rent – $400 – $600 or MTS service pass for bus & train – $60 per month. I personally felt hiring a car is better. The frequency of local transportation is not very good. The drop off point to the college is about 2 kms.

Subjects I liked: Investments and Private Equity / European business systems / Decision analysis

Subjects that didn’t interest me: Advanced Corporate Finance & Legal and Business Environment

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-07 at 15.41.02

Overall experience:

University of San Diego is located in the downtown of San Diego city in California state. The campus is vast, beautiful and well organised with disciplined staff. Every department is extremely helpful and accessible to students. The college has a world class library.

My class had 11 ISEP Students from reputed universities such as INSEAD, IE SPAIN, NUS. There was a good representation of different nationalities such as Chinese, Indians, Aemricans, Mexicans, Canadanians and Germans. Since it was the elective term, the class strength was very low – 10 to 15 students. The class timing for electives were usually on Saturdays or during the evenings on weekdays.
The professors are extremely friendly. For some of the electives that I enrolled in were taught by professors from INSEAD, IE Spain. However, the teaching method is mostly lecture based unlike the case method learning we are used to at AIM. There was not much team based assignments.
The college also assists you for campus jobs. You are allowed to work 20 hrs per week.
My overall experience was indeed fulfilling. I chose to do my ISEP at USD to experience US academic style & professional environment. The college is listed in FT 100 and is known for its electives in Finance & Marketing. The weather is amazing in San Diego and there is a lot of scope to travel and party.

Written by Sampath Battala from Master in Business Administration 2017

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