MSIB & MDM Welcome Party

It was an awesome night when we welcomed our 2018 batch-mates from MSIB and MDM, joining the golden batch of AIM as the institution is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary this year. The get-together started with sumptuous dinner and going around  the hall to introduce yourself like an elevator pitch to make an attempt to know almost 60 new students of these programs.


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After short personal introductions, the evening officially kick started with welcome remarks from Mr. Angelo Paolo Trias, Program Director, MDM which was then followed by several fun games arranged by MBA 2018. It was great to see everybody so competitive. There was a friendly pinoy henyo game between MDM and MSIB. The crowd was so excited and involved. Each team put in their best foot to make their class proud. An MDM student said, it was for the pride of the class that they brought in so much energy and intellectual effort to win the game. After a tough fight, the young & fresh MSIB won the battle.


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Next up, was the a classic game of rock-paper- scissors. Almost 30 students from both courses participated in this game. The competition went on for long and was quite intense. The last pair to compete was Muhammed Ahmed from MDM 2018 and Camille Ang of MSIB 2018, and after a tough fight, the later got the price.


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The program ended with a delightful message from Sir Rey Reyes, Head, Office of the Registrar. He promised to conduct more activities to hone the camaraderie of the students from different programs to achieve the goal of One Community, One AIM!

It was an amazing night filled with fun and hopefully, a start for new camaraderie as well. It is said that an AIM party is incomplete without booze, but that didn’t stop us to enjoy the evening. We continued the fun at our very famous AIM poolside, in a responsible way of-course!

Words by Mark Bandal from Master in Business and Administration 2018

Photographs by Norman Malana, and Mark Bandal

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