Gong Xi Fa Cai

Red paper lanterns. Dragon dance. Food. 

The Chinese New Year experience at AIM was LOUD, welcoming and joyful. I was only able to take a peek at the dragon dance since I was walking to my next class, however hearing the drums as the dragon dancers went around the school as they passed by our classroom made me feel like I was out there experiencing the same delight and jubilee as everyone watching felt.

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If I were home, I would have probably received Angpaos which I hoped the school would give away (wishful thinking), although I know that’s not going to happen. Just maybe when they read this they’ll think about it. Although a good quality of education and career development is enough, for now.


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The day’s festivities were a fun reprieve from school work and the food was the best part, I loved as how even though we had a hectic week at school we were able to gather around the zen garden and hang out and relax for a bit with the AIM Community: fellow classmates, other programs, and academic and admin staff. All in all, it was a good start in the year of the earth dog.

Words by Marie Kim Benedicto (MBA 2018), and Photos by AIM’s Corporate Marketing Group

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