Did you say Pantry or Pantree?

Ever had that moment while eating a sandwich, rice meal, or street food that ended up reminding you of home? Be it a local province of this country or completely off shore, awesome memories begins to flash back into your head while savoring that feel good meal.

For me, it’s having a good ol’ shawarma and it’s not bad at all. In my search for a good shawarma joint, I ended up going to The Pantree, and boy I made the right decision. They got the tahini garlic sauce right which makes it authentic, unlike like some of the local shawarma knockoffs that taste either too sweet or too spicy.


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Right off the bat, special thanks to Ben Ibarra Fernandez for recommending it who happens to love exploring new places to chow down. This post is not a rundown shawarma review but a peekaboo about what more this place has to offer.


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In General

The place is called “The Pantree”. It’s a ten (10) minute walk away from our dearest AIM and it’s located along Dela Rosa street (clue: it’s near Mang Inasal). It’s basically a food hall offering variety of delicacy like Thai, Japanese, briskets, falafel, and classic pinoy themed food stalls. The joint is air-conditioned, and hosts a youthful ambiance with a warmly lit set up. Apart from a few small tables, the place also provides a common dining experience with their long slick wooden tables.

Their page dub themselves as the new “go-to” place for awesome food and they didn’t disappoint. Apart from the variety of cuisines being served, the place is a pleasant surprise even with its portion size. Munch-in with some few bites and you will notice the difference in quality. I know we are always on the look-out for good hearty food at cheap price. The food stall’s price ranges from Php 90 to Php 350 depending if you are ordering individually or with a group. They also offer beer among other beverages, perfect along with your meal of choice, just don’t drink in the middle of the day.

Some Favorites

I loved the chicken shawarma (Php 90 regular) for sticking to its authentic Middle Eastern taste. Slight bias over it since I was born there.


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Next up is Meat Halfway’s Sisig (Php 100) and Sisig Tacos (Php 90). Great for some rice action while tasting the sisig’s special sauce wrapping around it. The sisig has some good crunch and makes you savor for more. Definitely must try for our foreign friends as long as it is allowed.


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If you’re up for more protein, try up Carnivore Cookery’s beef briskets or pork belly. You can go all meat buying by weight or have it as sandwich or rice whichever floats your boat.

A lot more to offer

Everyone has their favorite stall and I want to visit more of it. There’s Beefy for the classic bugers, fries, and sausages. Kessaku for Japanese rice meals and noodles. For something light and healthy, they got Como and Chang Thai.


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If you want to know more, you can check their website or just visit the place yourself. The Pantree’s address is at 119 Dela Rosa Street, Legazpi Village, Makati, Metro Manila. They are open Monday to Friday 9am to 10pm and closed on the weekends. Check out other makati’s best secret for more food adventures.

Words by Norman Malana from Master in Business Administration 2018

Photographs by Norman Malana & Ben “Barri” Fernandez

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