An Inevitable Transition

21739974_10159172304135408_1411305943999324559_nIt’s only been about three months since the cubs set foot on AIM, and by now they know that life at AIM is anything but easy. Loads of cases, analyses and academic discussions keep an average day full. No holidays, not even Saturdays are spared.  Even sleep, at times, is as rare as a chance to catch bacon for breakfast at the cafe. But all these are pale at par with the fun, synergy and culture that the AIM community fosters within the campus. Thanks to the warm and almost always inebriated guidance of the tigers and with the love of the whole community, the cubs don’t feel lost as they are starting to thrive in their new terrain.

In the short span of time, the cubs have been used to the tigers being around. The tigers have been sources of quick tips and hacks on how to get through nerve-wracking quizzes and WACs. They have become sounding boards of frustrations, sources of wisdom for short-term plans and tracks to lead within AIM, and helpful tutors to the cubs who are struggling with numbers. The tigers became a source of inspiration to the cubs who are still learning to survive.

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Life at AIM has indeed become more fun and easier with the tigers, but all good things must come to an end. It was just warming up but soon the traffic within the campus will not be as dense. There will be more vacant tables in the library and less competition for a deck in the ref at the SA Lounge. There will be less smoke in the smoking zone, and the roof deck bar won’t be as fun. The spaces that are now occupied by the tigers who are soon to go to the Wild will soon be replaced by a void in the hallways, learning halls, hang-out places and in the hearts of the ones staying behind.

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To the Tigers, this is a wish for your success, and a gratitude for the time you have shared with us. It is time for you to go, but we hope that this will not cut our ties. Until we see again, may you be able to make an impact in the Wild as you LEAD, INSPIRE and TRANSFORM. #


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