Share Love, Give Blood, Save Lives: AIM PACTS Blood Donation Drive


Sharing one’s own blood to others in need can be one of the most rewarding experiences. A single blood donor can save as much as three lives. Blood is a necessity for anyone and nowadays, blood banks aren’t just depending on blood sellers but are also reaching out for all capable people to donate.


Last October 12, 2017, the AIM Philanthropic Activities Society (AIM PACTS), in coordination with the Philippine Red Cross, held its last Blood Donation Drive for the year. The event was held inside the Asian Institute of Management wherein most blood donations came from students, staff, and faculty. Out of 41 blood donation volunteers, 25 successfully donated their blood. Donations were higher than expected, thus, making the event a success for both organizations and all the people benefiting from it.


To further entice people to donate, PACTS indicated the health benefits of donating blood such as lower risk of cancer and reduced chances of a heart attack. In addition, the organization gave out several freebies such as stickers and foldable fans to the donors. Aside from these, everyone who signed up as a volunteer was automatically qualified to participate in a raffle, with a chance to win bamboo phone holders by Caritas Manila or Paradise Mango Rum Liqueur.


The blood donation drive has exemplified the compassion of the AIM community to our brothers and sisters in need. It was such a worthwhile event initiated by the AIM PACTS to encourage everyone to donate a part of themselves to save a life. The club is looking forward to continuing this quarterly tradition to encourage more people to regularly donate blood, hence, saving more lives. AIM PACTS is continually searching for better opportunities and partnerships in creating positive and sustainable impacts in society particularly, in the aspect of health and education.


Words by Karmela Sarmiento (MBA 2017) & Juneil Torio (MBA 2017) 

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