Dr Kenneth Hartigan-Go


Dr Go

In 2010, I was teaching medicine and was also working for Zuellig Foundation doing social community projects. I left the university & foundation to do a bit of soul searching. During that time, I met Prof Mike Luz. He invited me to join his faculty team. The school was then called Center for Development Management.

In late 2012, the Department of Health required someone for FDA and I accepted that offer. This role helped me see the bigger picture in Public Health. I later became undersecretary. But last year, due to the change in administration, my term ended and I decided to come back to AIM.

Jikyeong Kang gave me the opportunity to head the Zuellig School of Development Management. It was like a wonderful homecoming. We want to scale up the MDM program. My team and I are really excited to build the runway for successful Development Managers who can be better executives, quick decision makers, and critical thinkers who are not afraid to roll up their sleeves to work with the community.

I feel accomplished as a Professor when I see my students graduate wearing their national attire and they are not only able to remember what they have learnt in class but also articulate and use those learnings to make this world a better place.


Kenneth Hartigan-Go
Associate Professor
Department of Strategic Management
Head, Stephen Zuellig School of Development Management



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