Get WACked!


I’m supposed write this article for WAC tips. Not sure if they got the right person to do this but here it goes.

When writing the WAC, you want to explain yourself as concisely as you can. When writing, keep in mind what the WAC grader wants to see. Also make sure you follow the guide questions. This is how I generally wrote all of my WACs.

1. Bring post it notes and a pen. Get breakfast, chocolates, coffee to keep you full during the WAC.

2. Read the case, and jot down important stuff on the post it notes.

3. After reading the case, organize your post it notes in highest priority. This helps you organize your thoughts. The last thing you want to do is confuse your reader.

4. Just write. Even if it doesn’t make sense, just write. You can always come back to it later. The last thing you want is to be an hour in with nothing on your screen.

5. Make sure you know how to draw diagrams on word to better illustrate your point. Remember you want to articulate your thoughts in the best way possible and diagrams and arrows help to do that.

6. Maximize your word count. Concise does not mean short.

7. It is okay to assume, so long that you can justify your assumption. Just don’t go too crazy with your assumptions.

8. Insights are key. Logic is key too. A lot of cases are about what you would do in different situations. So write that down. If what you would do sucks, think about how maybe one of your professors, or people you read in the case would handle it – and then pretend to be that person.

9. Have fun with it and enjoy. Don’t stress. If you are really struggling just remind yourself that life is too short.

10. Try to ask Prof. Titos what the topic is going to be about. This usually gives you a bit of comfort the day before, that is, until you find out it’s a totally different thing the next day.

Words by David Chan (MBA 2017)

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