Cubs’ Night 2017: Welcome to the Wild!

Ahhhh yes, the smell of fresh blood. Don’t get us wrong. Us Tigers only want the best for our Cubs (*wink wink*) and what better way to show it than organizing a party (*ehem* initiation) for them!

As is tradition, we would of course make sure they get fed first. We wouldn’t want them to come unprepared for the festivities after, right? To keep them entertained and to help ease their nerves, the GoT or Game of Tasks videos were finally presented. These were tasks given a week before that each LT needed to accomplish (if they wanted to be exempted from the penalty). But more than anything, we just wanted to make sure that the LTs were able to bond while getting to know more about the school and the community.

Fast forward to: THE BIG REVEAL.

Blindfolds. Darkness. Anticipation. Shot glasses filled with who knows what. And then silence.

Cubs were asked to recite the Cubs’ Pledge and then *boom* cue random EDM music, removal of the blindfolds, blinding party lights, and SHOTS!

The night was filled with booze, good music (thank you AIM Music Club, our resident MBA 2017 DJ, Marco Pamparo, and DJ Bettina Lopez for the awesome sets!), conversations, dancing, fleeing from the kill zone, then coming back again because, well, it’s a party after all!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Welcome to AIM, MBA 2018 Cubs! We hope we got to show you how life here is not just about hitting the books, but having fun as well. Congratulations on “surviving!” We can’t wait for the parties that you will be planning 😉


***Credits to MBA 2018 for most of the photos! 

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