Student orgs go all out at the Club Fair

With the new MBA batch (Cohort 13) finally settling into the AIM life (WACs, LT meetings… tell me about it), it’s time to once again think about extracurriculars. If you recall, we had our very first club fair last September 7. Each club made a pitch to recruit new members. For the most part, judging by the number of names on the sign-up sheets, the event was a success.

See the full list of clubs and their activities here

Add your own flavor to the AIM experience and join a club!

Event highlights:

  • Food giveaways at every stall (bbq, pichi-pichi, brownies… I could go on)
  • Games games games
  • New blood!
  • Photo booths
  • Prizes prizes prizes
  • Booze (to whoever thought of this: Thank you)

Club activities have become one of the things that has defined life for us here at AIM. Beyond the cases and the lectures, we watch movies, play music, do sports, or dive even deeper into our interests in marketing, finance, and analytics. There’s a club for everyone here—for all types. And if not, you can always try to start your own—much like this club, just like how we started Life at AIM.


Photo gallery:

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