MIB 2017’s LT4ever

If anyone would ask me, “What’s one thing you’ll never forget about AIM?” I would say with a smile and without hesitation: “My learning team, LT4.” Learning teams are an integral part of student life here in AIM. They are assigned to a student once the term begins. Together, students in a learning team discuss cases, do group work, and help each other in their studies. It is not surprising then that a large chunk of your time here in AIM would be spent with your learning team. I was lucky enough to be in a team that does all this and more. Not only do we help each other out in schoolwork, we also take time to have fun and make life more interesting here in the campus.

Late finishers

LT4 of MIB 2017 has always been known to be the learning team that takes forever to finish schoolwork. We’d always be the last to finish. While the other teams finish as early as 11pm (trust us, that’s early if you’re studying in AIM), we’d take an additional hour or two to finish the work. We consistently finish late such that our classmates started to see us as hardworking and diligent. At one point, we slept at 4:30am finishing our WAC for economics. And because of that, we got a reputation of being “competitive.” The things is, it’s not that we are the most hard-working learning team in the batch. We just enjoy spending time together. If I may say, we’re actually the most clingy: We always have to do stuff together, which is the reason why we take so long to finish schoolwork.

Everything is group work

One peculiar thing about our LT is that, we always do things together. When we’re given computation work, like in accounting and MCP, we do it as a group. Same goes for papers and presentations. It is not our practice to divide work, assign each other individual tasks, and later compile it. For our LT, literally everything is group work – even if it was assigned individually. We are well aware that this is an inefficient way of doing things. However, we find that doing things together helps us understand the topics better.

Taking commitment to Earth on a whole new level

The concept of group work extends even outside academics. For instance, we did the Earth Day Challenge together. We helped each other come up with individual submissions by bouncing off ideas and taking pictures. Funnily enough, Carl suggested that we take it a step further by doing a group submission. So we actually went ahead and submitted a group entry for the challenge – too bad though it didn’t win.

We never fail to do things together. We make it to a point that we eat together for dinner. Aiah and I are tired of fast food, while Carl and Aaron are on a budget. We take great efforts in finding a place where both criteria are satisfied. If we can’t decide on a place, we sometimes just cook food in Carl and Aaron’s place. Just so you know, Carl is a great cook!

It’s hilarious how we always have to do things together. It even came to a point that when one decides to go for a bathroom break, everyone will also go for a break as well. Because of this, we end up taking too many breaks at the cost of doing actual work.


There are breaks that (we’d like to think) are productive. We call this whitespace. Aiah was the one who introduced this to our group. She got this from one of our readings about Chaos Theory. It said, “To spur creativity and bring out good ideas, it helps to step away from what you’re doing from time to time.” So when we find ourselves working for long, one of us would say: “Guys, let’s go for whitespace.” And then we would go out and take a short break. Either walk a lap around Zen Garden or buy something from Ministop.


In our LT, we tend to take things easy. We don’t stress that much on doing everything perfectly every time. We just do our best and learn from our mistakes. I guess this light atmosphere is the reason why we’re able to enjoy each other’s company even though we spend more than eight hours working together. This also holds true even outside school. Often, we would go out together to just bond and have a good time. We would dine out, watch movies, and go bowling.

Went out for bowling at SM Mall of Asia after a stressful week

Now, we are in the second term, our last term here in AIM as MIB students. During this time, learning teams have been reshuffled. We’re no longer in the same team. But even then, we still go out to watch movies and dine together. Nothing much has changed. Due to our clinginess, quirkiness, and the inefficiencies it brings, LT4 certainly is the group that takes forever to finish schoolwork. But, thanks to that as well, LT4 is forever.

LT4 (from left to right): John Carl Valdez, Jeremy Bedano, Reaiah Sarmiento, Aaron David
Words by Jeremy Bedano, MIB 2017. 

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