Francis Gopez

Francis Gopez

“I was just recently promoted to head the Philippine market of Dole and I felt I needed to upgrade my skills to become more competitive. It’s been almost 20 years since I’ve been to school. I graduated in 1998 and now it’s 2017. It feels like the first time again. Now I’m juggling being at work the whole day, going to school in the evening, and yung mga case materials—ang dami. The next morning you have to be at work and you need to be productive there, and then you would go to school again. I had to give up some of the things that I do, especially during weekends. You just have to prioritize—now it’s work, school, and family. I feel it’s worth it, I know it’s worth it. What I’ve missed in school is reading. I love to read.”

Francis Gopez is from the EMBA Batch of 2019. He is currently a Sales and Operations Manager for Dole Philippines.


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