Jeremy Bedaño

Jeremy Bedano - HOA article

“I remember during our Overture Week, we were tasked to go to Makati Cinema Square, talk to random people, and ask them about their problems. We were then supposed to come up with an innovation to potentially solve their problem. The first thing that came to my mind was, “WHAT THE HELL? HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO THAT?” As part of the pioneer MIB batch, I feel like I got pushed into something unknown, where everything is not yet set in stone. The experience was very fun and challenging–it was something I did not normally do as an engineer. Innovation can happen anywhere, not just in the technology sector. It can happen in music, arts, and even in the everyday experiences of people. Innovation need not be grand; rather, even the simple stuff can be considered innovation as long as it makes an impact on people’s lives.”

Jeremy Bedaño is a student from Master of Science in Innovation & Business 2017.

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