LT 1 from EMBA 2018

The last LT love article we posted from MBA 2017 was all about conflicts. This LT Love article is about LT 1 from EMBA 2018 and they’re the exact opposite.


Our Learning Team hasn’t stumbled upon conflicts we couldn’t overcome before calling it a day. I think we clicked from day one. We were encouraged by each other’s camaraderie during our very first exercise as an LT (in the Environmental Analysis class), where we all won swag prizes (AIM alarm clocks, yo!).


In a short span of time, we managed to trust each other, and acknowledge and respect each other’s strengths. When we find ourselves not agreeing on a certain topic, we take a vote and respect the outcome of that majority vote. Each one has “taken one for the team” especially when submissions are required ASAP. Our group has been together for the last 10 months, and we’re proud to still be in the same group. Quite recently, we happily welcomed a great addition, Boogie, who complements the team’s vibe. Since he was a new LT member, we took it upon ourselves to give him a warm welcome and an opportunity to shine.


Outside of school, we also need to juggle our corporate/entrepreneurial and personal responsibilities… and sleep… So for us, time is a luxury that’s in short supply. We’ve learned to exercise patience and tolerance with each other, given everything that’s happening in our lives.

Though its challenging with our hectic schedules, we managed to find solutions and succeed as a group. LT1 supports and gives each member a chance to shine, such as in class participation, group presentations, paper contributions, etc. In the earlier days, we somehow worked it out to a point where we overworked it out, and ended up contributing similar things at the same time. We decided on a new way of dividing tasks by drawing lots for a four-member task force to complete group work: a leader, two contributors, and a final reviewer. We found this to be a good balance for members to shine, contribute, and of course, rest in between. The system helped improve our internal communication and team play, reduce duplication and errors, and improve our overall efficiency (thank you, Operations Management and LEAD professors!).


Like all other LTs, we have our own experts who take the lead when it’s their time.

Finance Expert & Whiskey Lover: Anshum. He’s our resident Executive and fake Finance expert. He is actually an Accountant by degree but that was years ago.

Body Builder & Math Geek by Heart: Boogie. Loves to flex his biceps in the gym and his brain in class.

Kaizen & Entertainment Quotient King: Iggy loves Operations and Excel automation. He handles it smoothly.

Marketing Guru and Celebrity: Marion. When we had a case where we were lost at sea, she had the right intuition on the answers. She is indeed, the “Pearl” of our Orient.

The Style Editor & Food Hug-gerr: Ava. You give her any dirty-looking presentation deck, and she does the wonders with it and loves to eat after. The only “active” EMBA member of AIM’s Food club.

Frustrated Copywriter & Frustrated Lover: Dein. From Human Resources to IT Copyright Enforcement, he mediates and aligns our messy thoughts in one go.


Our LT loves to eat and drink. Ava leads the gang in this aspect. We all drink but no one can take shots like Ava does. Iggi loves to sing and dance. He is our entertainment quotient. Dein keeps us busy with his love life stories. Marion is the celebrity of our LT. She recently did a photo shoot for one of the magazines.


As of this writing, the team has agreed to have lunch this coming Saturday outside of school, hopefully with our families so we can bond more. We think we should go out more often like other LTs do. We are hoping to travel together, perhaps, explore India for LT bonding before the school year ends

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We passed the first two terms, and are midway into the third term. With the mantra: “Have more fun,” we look forward to our remaining year with AIM. Cheers!

Learning Team 1 of EMBA 2018 is composed of Anshum Sinha, Ava Espanola, Boogie Crisostomo, Dein Lopez, Iggi Malapitan and Marion Brannelec.

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