AIM Sportsfest 2017: Lunch Treat

It has been roughly two months since the school witnessed the closing of AIM Sportsfest 2017: Breaking Barriers, the pioneer event that brought together the whole AIM community in sports and camaraderie.

Now that the competition has come to a close, the teams have come together again to celebrate and relive their team spirit through what else but their stomachs!

July 20, Thursday – First stop, we have the Yellow Rangers, Green Chilliz, and Blue Ball Baboons munching it out at Conti’s Greenbelt 2.

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The room was definitely full of smiles, laughs, and happy stomachs as staff, students, and faculty took a break to enjoy the company of their teammates.

Dieting was definitely out of the question for this day right, kuyas? 🙂

Aside from the eating festivities, the lunch treat also gave way for some of the participants to get their medals.

July 21, Friday – *Drum roll, please* Of course, the champions would also have their time to bond with their teammates over lunch, and what better way to celebrate their victory than with a hotel buffet! The Purple Rangers were in for a treat as they had their celebratory lunch at Flavors Restaurant in Holiday Inn & Suites Makati.

To take full advantage of the buffet, people arrived with an empty stomach.
Signs of food coma, anyone?

The two-day lunch treat was definitely a success with all participants leaving the restaurant full and merry.

Until the next Sportsfest!

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