Parlor services and where to find them

Parlors and girls are inseparable (don’t quote me on that though). Before coming to AIM, I was worried about the parlor services in the Philippines. I got myself connected to a girl from the previous cohort to get rid of my anxieties. After speaking with her, I got even more worried, considering Makati is so gosh darn expensive.

When I packed my bag, I added some DIY stuff to survive the 16 months. Here are some things you can bring with you to make caring for yourself easy on the wallet.

Facial Kits:

These kits are pretty decent and are readily available in India. It isn’t very expensive either. The boring part is to do it on your own

VLCC facial kit

Manicure / Pedicure Kits:

This kit is very good. I got some basic pedicure tools as well. Though it would be amazing if someone else did it but that’s the life of a student I guess.

VLCC pedicure-manicure kit

Hair Colour:

I purchased L’Oréal hair colour from India. Actually, it is also available at Philippine supermarkets at a similar price. So, won’t suggest using your precious space with this item. Most of us have learnt how to color our own hair. The parlors here charge between PHP 1500 – 3500.

Waxing services:

Waxing and threading services are expensive here in Makati. Luckily, we have the contact of a Filipino lady who visits the dorm for waxing services. She charges PHP 350 – 700 based on services used.

Parlors around AIM:

I’ve also done a bit of (“)research(“) on affordable parlors around the area, so you don’t have to spend extra getting to these places.


Laybare is just a 5 minute walk from our college. They use cold wax. They also have threading services.

Laybare price list

Let’s Face It:

Let’s Face It is in the Greenbelt mall just across the street. They have hot wax & threading services. They also have pedicure, manicure, and facial services.

Let's Face it price list


Hagod is a 5 to 7 mins walk from the college. It is in C Palanca street. They’re famous for their full body massage.

Hagod price list

Nuat Thai:

Nuat Thai is 10 mins walk from the college. They are famous for their full body and foot massage.

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