Mel Alquizola


“Before I enrolled at AIM, I was the CSR Head of a construction company and a freelance development project consultant to NGOs and cooperatives. The development gap in rural communities, particularly in the ancestral lands of the indigenous people made me think that this country should pay more attention to those in the margins and the voiceless. This was my motivation for studying at AIM, the indigenous peoples and their ancestral lands.

For my three-month stay so far, my greatest insight is that we can plan for a much more inclusive and sustainable development in the country. The people in the margins and the voiceless need to be included in the development process. In order to do so, one must have an extensive understanding of human behavior and the development environment. Leadership skills between leaders and development facilitators should be harnessed to fully understand what the community needs and what their desired forms of growth and development are. It is clear to me also that development should be responsive, high impact, cost-efficient, and sustainable in all facets such as socio-economic, political, cultural, and environmental aspects.

What I like most about AIM is the diversity—the people, the learning, and the culture are all amazing! Also, the food at the SA Store makes me feel at home.”

Mel Alquizola is a student from Master in Development Management 2017

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Josephus B. Villaroya says:

    That’s my Boss 🤗👏👍


  2. Josh Maymay says:

    I am so proud of you. You really are good at what you are doing! May you continue to inspire others through your hardwork, dedication and passion! KUDOS.


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