Juan Miguel Luz



“I’ve been here at AIM twice. The first time I came here was 1998; but I stayed only until the latter end of 2002 because I left to take on a position in the Department of Education. I was away all that time until the end of 2009 and I came back in 2009. At the start of the school year, that’s when I took over as the Head of the School for Development Management.

What I particularly like about the MDM program is that our graduate students are mid-career students with a number of years of work experience and many of them hold middle to high positions in their organizations. What happens is that the interactions that you have with them is not at the same level as that of younger students coming in with less experience. For example, we have quite a number of military and police with us. That’s not an area that I’m particularly an expert about so I learned a lot from dealing with them about what military culture is like, about how the police operate, and insight into some of the issues that you can read about but not necessarily know much about.

My advice for the current and future students is that if you are going to invest time and your own resources in your own education in an institution like AIM, when you go out into the world, don’t be content just being successful. Make your contribution, create value, and find a way to let your education pay back not only for yourself but for those around you. If you come to a place like AIM and you make this kind of investment, the investment should pay many times more than what you pay for here, and the return of that investment should not only be to yourself but also for your community. I think that is perfectly legitimate and possible. You come in, you do the degree, you do it well and when you go out you really make it pay for itself and really show that it is worth coming into AIM to do this.”

Professor Juan Miguel Luz, (Yesterday, May 31, 2017, was Prof Luz’s last day as a full-time professor)

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  1. Shams ul Qamar says:

    Great words of great personality. AIM@Prof. Juan Miguel Luz


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