GNAM: Rachel and David’s ivy league and snowstorm experience at Yale

Who doesn’t wish to go to THE Yale University? Asian Institute of Management is part of the Global Network for Advanced Management (GNAM) and offers opportunity for exchange program at Yale University for one week.

Rachel Arandilla & David Chan from MBA 2017 went to Yale University earlier this year.

Rachel’s experience:

Rachel - Yale 2

There is no disputing the education I received during my GNAM experience in Yale. Yale is Yale for a reason.

Equally important, I think, are the lessons I learned outside the classroom. The first day I arrived in US was the first day of snowfall of the year. It was my first time to see snowfall—and it was a huge snowstorm at that. In fact, for the first time in thirteen years, Yale University had to close down because of Snowstorm Stella. In New Haven, we saw 18 inches of snow.

I quickly learned that snow is like Tinder catfish—looks nice in pictures but horrible in person. It cracks your skin and bleeds your nails. Moreover, after a few days, it no longer looks white and fluffy. It becomes black with mud—completely gross. Aside from important classroom learnings, I also obtained important life skills such as shovelling snow and walking on ice in high heels. Both abilities weren’t easy: the former you need upper arm strength and the latter you need astounding balancing skills.

I was the only one from the Philippines. And in a class of 83 students, you will quickly realize that AIM’s case method is world-class. It prepares you to shine in a global classroom.

David’s experience:

David - Yale 3

Going to GNAM was an amazing experience, and a privilege bestowed upon me by AIM. I opted to take Yale’s design and innovation class, because you can’t really design and innovate spreadsheets. I was pleasantly surprised how much AIM prepared me for the week both in terms of soft and hard skills. I continue to stay in touch with the people I have met over the course of the week through WhatsApp and TWIC.

David - Yale 2

Rachel and I went to Yale, we stayed in an AirBnB. Yale was super cold, like freezing. The campus was transparent, like glass. I got taught really cool things about design and innovation like design come from our culture, and innovation is a verb. Yale pizza is really good. During the week, we also went to Johnson and Johnson and What If, an innovation consultancy firm.

David - Yale 1

Country visited – USA

College name – Yale School of Management

Number of students in the GNAM batch – 83 (Rachel’s course) / 28 (David’s course)


  • Visa: PHP 8000 – 9000
  • Airfare: PHP 35500 – 43000
  • Lodging: PHP 10000 – 12000 (stay at Air BNB)
  • Food: PHP 5000 – 10000 (Breakfast and Lunch are often free during classes)

Words by Rachel Arandilla (MBA 2017) & David Chan (MBA 2017)

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